About Us

History and Present Status


Based on experience gained in Israel, EWAS International recognized both the potential of the marketplace and the ability of the company to penetrate markets around the world. In Israel, EWAS has gained valuable experience in teaching pupils from various language backgrounds in both the public and private sectors.

Over the past twenty years, tens of thousands of children from different L1 (first language) backgrounds have learned English the EWAS way. EWAS has taught in both the Hebrew- and Arabic-speaking school systems throughout Israel. In the Hebrew-speaking communities, schools typically absorb large numbers of immigrant children (Russians, Ethiopians and Argentineans).

EWAS sold a master franchise to a Korean company in 2001; several franchise state of the arts  EWAS kindergartens were set up in different  cities throughout Korea.

In 2002, EWAS in cooperation with Michele Horowitz, National Counselor for Young Learners of English at  the Israeli Ministry of Education set up a pilot program in 85 schools using EWAS methods, teacher training and materials. 

In April 2003, EWAS received an endorsement of its methods and materials from Professor James E. Alatis, Distinguished Professor of Linguistics at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. 

In 2004 EWAS established a joint venture with a Chinese company, Yizemanni, and taught in Chinese private and public kindergartens using EWAS method, materials and training.

In 2010 EWAS in cooperation with EWAS Elite English, developed a talking pen and media books with EWAS content and know-how for Korean kindergartens.

Recently, EWAS has developed an EWAS "Smart" Package. Three complete programs that include story, song and word magical books and an EWAS Talking Pen for teaching English to young children.  This product is also very effective as a standalone for use at home. Also included are all teacher materials and training and a digital guide for parents.