The Storybook

The storybook is the heart of each EWAS program.  It is a complete story designed to motivate the pupils to want to learn English. The colorful, attractive graphics contribute to the pleasant atmosphere and help to tell the story. They also help to form the context in which the children learn English. This context sets EWAS programs apart. Rather than learning isolated vocabulary and structures detached from any context, EWAS pupils learn words, phrases and sentences in the context of meaningful stories.

Young learners touch the characters with their talking pen and the story comes alive. The talking pen speaks up loud and clear in native-speaker  accent.

Pupil Songbook

Each program has a pupil songbook. All EWAS songs are original, in upbeat music and different genres (rock, jazz, rap, folk). All the lyrics of the songs appear in the pupil songbooks. The pupils can practice reading and singing the songs both in class and at home.

A unique aspect of the EWAS Songbook is in the way each song page is constructed. The children can hear the complete song by pressing the headphones icon, then the song can be broken down into small parts: verse by verse, lime by line (both sung and said). This provides the opportunity for the children to learn how to pronounce each line and each word so that their singing is clear and understandable.

Pupil Word Book

Each program has a colorfully illustrated word book with varied, interesting and amusing repetitions. Repetition is effective and not boring.

EWAS Talking Pen

Each program has a talking pen the children can use in class and at home. The pens bring to life the EWAS characters, provide numerous repetitions of vocabulary and sentences. The pen tells the story, sings the songs and provides unlimited practice.

The Teacher Package

 The teacher package includes the complete pupil package and the additional contents of the teacher package outlined below.


EWAS Talking Pen

For non-native speakers of English the talking pen is invaluable. The talking pen provides the teacher with a built in teacher assistant, models the language of a native speaker of English and provides an additional dimension to each lesson.

Teacher-to-Teacher Handbook

The Teacher-to-Teacher Handbook provides detailed lesson plans to guide the teacher through the program, every step of the way. Each lesson is designed to provide 45 minutes of instruction . All lessons integrate and build upon previously learned language. Almost all the lessons introduce new language.


 Picture Cards

The picture cards are the teaching aids teachers need for exciting, colorful and meaningful lessons. They are used to introduce and practice vocabulary. They are also used in games and in "Acting It Out".

 Story  Posters

The story posters are large and colorful teaching aids that are used for introducing and practicing the language from the storybooks and to create the context for the "Acting It Out" activities.

Song Posters

The song posters are used to teach and practice the original EWAS songs that are a part of every lesson. 


Teacher Training

 EWAS Teacher Training teach the skills to implement the EWAS programs successfully. They present the components of each program, the structure of all EWAS lesson plans and the elements that are a part of every EWAS lesson.

The teachers learn the pedagogical theory behind the programs and the practical application of this theory. Detailed PowerPoint presentations explain step-by-step all aspects of the EWAS lesson. This includes the special EWAS repetition techniques, teaching songs, games and role playing the stories, "Acting it Out". 



EWAS Magical Books

Stand alone product


The EWAS Magical Books may also be sold as a stand-alone product to parents who want the best in English-language home-education.

An easy-to-follow parents' guide along with how-to PPT tell and show parents exactly what to do and how to do it so their children can learn English the EWAS way.


Parents may sit with their children and work through the materials, or children can work independently with their EWAS talking pens and magical books.

After just a bit of practice, children will enjoy numerous repetitions of the language items they are learning.  And whenever they please, they can play EWAS songs and sing along with their EWAS talking pens.

                                                Advantages of EWAS Magical Books


1.    EWAS pupils develop listening and speaking skills that enable them to communicate naturally and fluently in the language.

2.    The EWAS Magical books model native-speaker English which helps the young learner develop a good accent early on in their language learning experience.

3.    The EWAS Magical books imbue young learners with a love of the English language, self-confidence and belief in their ability to use the English language, a feeling of independence in the language and a feeling of success and achievement in learning the language.

4.   The EWAS method and materials reflect a “no-pressure” approach to learning.

5.    EWAS storybooks are intrinsically interesting to children. Each story has a plot line and characters that reflect the interests and qualities of today’s children around the world.

6.    EWAS songs are all original. They are upbeat and modern, featuring rock and pop and country styles. Children will want to sing them over and over again, just as they love to sing favorite songs from the hit parade.

7.    EWAS special repetition techniques teach pupils new words in entertaining and exciting ways. Pupils use the new words throughout the programs. This facilitates a high level of retention on the part of the pupils. EWAS pupils are not plagued by boring traditional repetition. 

Classroom-proven in both private and public schools

 EWAS Magical Books